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По умолчанию HAZARD team is looking for a modeler

Репост с одного Discord канала о бете Half-Life 2:
[ Цитата ] @everyone Hey, so I know that this type of announcement isn't usual but the HAZARD team is looking for a modeler to join onto our project HAZARD. Hazard is a beta mod being created in xash3D, based on the oldest storyline we know of stating in the wasteland and ending all the way with the final battle against the angry bald man himself The Consul. We are looking for 1 to 2 modelers to join on however if you have another skill we're still interested. Same goes if you know somebody have them hit me up.
Feel free to join our server: https://discord.gg/qM7aXeG
And enjoy some screens of the game after this post.
I'm sorry if you are upset by this ping I just wanted to make it known here were open for people because I know that there's a lot of talented people in here thanks and sorry if this just annoyed you
[ Миниатюры ]
Screenshot_1109.png Просмотров: 120 Размер:  967.5 Кбайт  Houndeye.png Просмотров: 116 Размер:  90.9 Кбайт  Screenshot_792.jpg Просмотров: 110 Размер:  1.57 Мбайт  
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